E-cloth for Range & StoveTop Clean

E-cloth provided this product at no cost in exchange for my unbiased review.

For some time, we’ve been trying to transition into a healthier lifestyle with diet and chemical-free products for the home. It has been a challenge but we’re still taking baby steps. With our recent move into a new home, we now have a smooth cooktop stove. I couldn’t decide how to clean it without using abrasive products that would scratch the glass.


With perfect timing, I received the e-cloth for Range & Stovetop for review. The e-cloth arrived in a small, compact, attractively designed package with several key points highlighted on the front and back of the package. Inside was the e-cloth made of microfiber – polyester and nylon. A Usage & Care Guide was also included.


I purposely allowed my smooth cooktop to build up with dirt and grime, just to see how well the e-cloth would clean. I’m one of those moms who has to have a counter-free, surface-clean kitchen.


I removed the cloth from the package and followed the instructions printed on the back. I wet the cloth with water and wrung out. There was no need for me to add any other sprays or solutions to the cloth for cleaning – just water.


The side with the blue stripes was used to scrub the grime and grease on the cooktop. I was very relieved that I wasn’t scratching the glass and causing any damage to the cooktop. With all of the crumbs and grime removed, I simply wiped the surface with the smooth side.


All clean! Now that looks better!

The e-cloth movement informs buyers with concrete information about the harmful damage of cleaning products. According to data, cleaning products cause cancer, breathing problems, poor indoor air quality and poisonings for small children. Honestly, I’m thankful for my increased awareness, because I have become more determined to follow through with making our home as chemical-free as possible.

A few key points:

*It only requires water – no additional solutions or sprays containing chemicals, fragrances and dyes.

*Proven to remove over 99% of bacteria which means you won’t transfer bacteria from one surface to another.

*It saves money on cleaning. The average American spends an estimated $55 monthly. e-cloth’s average is just 7.99 and lasts 300 washes.

*Cleans ceramic, enamel, tiles, glass, microwaves, and stainless steel.

With just water, the e-cloth adequately removed the loose debris and grease on the smooth surface of the cooktop and oven door. There was one area of burned on sauce that wasn’t as easy to remove, but it was barely noticeable & overall it looked clean. The e-cloth for Range & Stovetop is a great household product for cleaning, especially because of the overall health benefits. Also, I want to mention that there are several other great products for baby, body, pet, and auto also. For the family and home, you’re covered!

I’ve tried the e-cloth, now it’s your turn! The e-cloth is available at Ace Hardware. Visit the Store Locator.

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