Grocery Shopping For Meal Planning


My husband and I have come to a mutual place of accepting our differences when it comes to buying groceries. It hasn’t been a major issue but over time, we have let go of the frustration and come to accept a plan that shares both of our individual strategies.

My husband is very detailed when it comes to bargains and sales. He knows exactly which store has what specific items on sale. When he shops, he buys the sale items and plans meals around those items. Me, on the other hand, I plan the meals and buy what I need for the meals without too much thought of sales and bargains.

Another difference is I like to buy in bulk. I like to buy a variety of meat and vegetables to store in an extra freezer. Although hubby may not be a big fan of this strategy, I believe he has come to appreciate the idea, especially when the entrees are running low and we have surplus to fall back on. Lately, I have noticed that he is warming up to the bulk concept. He stocks up on certain household products when there is – a blowout sale!

Our solution involves meeting in the middle. Since I prefer more of the bulk shopping and shopping around planned meals, I prefer to shop once a month. He has an internal radar for weekly deals, so he shops weekly. No fuss. No attitude. It has been working for us for a few years now.

We do have a slight sore spot with each other. My dear husband will buy items on sale – just because they are on sale. We may not NEED the items but hey – they are on sale right? It seems as if this strategy is not limited to groceries. That is all I will say on that….  However, I do admit that I have learned to be a bit more conscious of food pricing over the years – thanks to him.  Also, if I give him a specific spending amount for shopping, he spends to the exact amount – nothing more or less!

I do have a slight habit that irritates him. (He just recently admitted this)  Occasionally, I will have the itch to try something different. The problem – I fail to follow the exact recipe or something goes wrong with the process. I suppose I lack the enthusiasm for adventure (unlike Chef Knight) when it comes to cooking. I would say it is another area of difference between us. I tend to stick with what I know and cook well.

Needless-to-say, differences in marriage can be a major source of conflict for couples. That is…. if allowed. Just like anything else, some things come down to choosing battles carefully. There has to be an understanding that each spouse is different, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. So what do we do? We identify & accept our differences, customize a plan for our family and keep this life moving along.





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