How to Give Your Home a Feminine Touch

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The shape, style, texture, and color of your décor can fall under the spectrum of masculine or feminine. While some elements can fall under either category, it is normal if you prefer your home design leaning towards either side. Adding a feminine touch to your house can go along to making it more homey and cozy.

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So how can you add some feminine aesthetics to your house without exceeding and making it appear too girly?

Here are a few pointers that can guide you when designing your room décor.

The use of color

It is a common misconception that if you want to add a feminine touch to your house, you only need to use the color pink in your décor. While it may set the tone, it is not the only color that you can use. Soft muted colors such as creamy neutrals and light pastels can give a room a feminine feel.

You can try using colors such as pistachio, lavender, and ocher. Consider painting the color on the wall or using decorative elements of the same color range around the house. Additionally, you can use rose gold or copper as accent colors to bring out a glamorous and warm look.

It does not mean that you cannot use bright colors. Some colors, such as hot pink and vivid purple, can still help you achieve a girly look.

Use of hanging plants

For some reason, nature and femininity work very well together. When you introduce the outdoors into your house, it adds a feeling of serenity in your home. You can use a mix of fresh potted plants with colorful wildflowers to set the tone of the indoors.

On your home’s exterior, you can plant fuchsia plants in a hanging basket attached to your gutters. Ensure that there are gutter covers to help improve the flow of water in the gutter and direct it to the hanging plants.

Decorating the walls

Feminine styles call for plenty of décor items on your walls. You can add a bright piece of art or several pastel-colored photo frames of family members. You can also use a bold piece of wall décor to give the room some color and texture.

Dried flowers as well create incredible wall art. Depending on the place you are decorating, different wall décor can help bring out different moods.

Design Themes

Some design themes you use may have some feminine appeal. A good example is using floral fabric on the bed canopy. It creates a costal theme that is very appealing.

The scale of design items

If you want to get a masculine feel, you can use big and bulky items in your house. However, for a feminine feel, you should use small and slender items. A good example is the type of furniture you use. A feminine look calls for accents chairs rather than big and square armchairs. Also, instead of using heavy drapery on your windows, replace them with light and flowing sheers.

To achieve a feminine style in your house, you need to focus on adding warmth, creating comfort, and softness through your décor. You can opt to take a female approach in every piece of décor, or choose to use a blend of both worlds. Provided your décor can help create some tranquility at home, it may help create an environment conducive for finding your purpose in life.


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