Meatless Monday – A Different Way of Eating

Meatless Monday Meal
Photo Credit: Takedahrs

Here at home, we are trying to curtail the heavy consumption of meat in our diet. I’ve been reading about the benefits of eating little to no meat as a means of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Honestly, it’s very difficult when you are accustomed to eating meat daily with almost every meal and then attempting to cut back. For us, it is definitely a different way of eating. We’re not moving in the direction of vegetarian but we are introducing Meatless Monday into our meal planning.

When fasting, I personally notice the difference in my digestive system when I eliminate meat. It seems that my body processes food differently and I’m more “regular” than usual. (If you know what I mean) My personal goal is to consume primarily fish with occasional turkey and chicken. I eliminated red meat several years ago, so I have no desire for it at all anymore.

Actually, I started Meatless Monday a few years ago and everyone adjusted well back then. Of course, it was only one day a week. I served a full meal with black-eye peas, collard greens, corn-on-the-cob, rice, sliced tomatoes and bread.  Sometimes, I can fall into a routine of repetitive meals each week, so this is an opportunity to try new foods & recipes. I shared the idea with a friend who tried it but her husband protested and requested the return of meat.  “Oh no girl, my husband said he wanted meat!”

As a family, we’re open to something different, so we’ll see how it turns out. I do know that Meatless Monday may not always fall on Monday, depending upon the schedule but the goal is one day a week.  I don’t mind saying that I’m not Rachael Ray in the kitchen but I’m fairly decent at cooking. It will be a challenge but we’re up for it. Of course, I’ll give updates along this new journey to share how things progress in the kitchen. If you have a few meatless dishes to share, please do so. I’m open to ideas!

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