Prayer – It’s What Our Children Need Most

Prayer, What Children Need Most

It’s a different world. As moms, many of us know that growing up today, in comparison to our childhood many years ago, presents an entirely different set of values and challenges for our children. It’s relentless out there and I’m always in conversations with other moms about what to do. Though we share actionable steps to attempt to combat the issues, the first step we can agree upon is prayer because we believe it’s what our children need most.

What time in a mom’s life causes the most stress when it comes to raising children? This was the morning topic while listening to The Fish radio station. Though the answer may vary, most agree, it is the middle-school years. Along with the academic transition, there are body & hormonal changes, the push for independence, peer pressure to fit in, and several other issues.

Going in, like most moms, I tried to prepare my daughter for the new experience and possible challenges she may face. However, like our days of youth, there are some things we only learn in the classroom of life. Though I didn’t mention it earlier, it seems that mean girls and bullying in general is major these days. It has always existed even when I was in school, but today, it has progressed to an entirely different level. I know moms with kids who have encountered other types of challenges and at times, it just seems overwhelming to us. We can only imagine what it’s like for our children.

There are so many attractions and distractions for youth today – drugs, alcohol, sex, popularity, money, celebrity-ism, etc. I, like other moms believe firmly in prayer as a starting point to address any issue. As there seems to be a constant attack against the family, so there has to be a constant commitment to praying against those attacks. The real spiritual battle is aimed towards our children. So what do we do?

We pray like we’ve never prayed before because a spiritual war is raging like never before. On our knees, crying out to God on behalf of ALL children isn’t an option but a charge to every parent.

We establish instruction and discipline for our children to give them a sense of direction and responsibility. Our training is their preparation for adulthood and their spiritual battles ahead because they will encounter them.

We extend a little grace. We aren’t perfect and our kids certainly are not. Just as most of us learned lessons, they will also. The mistakes made are part of the process of maturing, perseverance, and developing character.

We entrust our children into God’s care. Letting go as they grow is tough but we, as parents are only stewards of our children. Although, they have been placed in our care to nurture and instruct, ultimately, they belong to Him. We must rest in the position that He can love, care and protect them in ways beyond our understanding.

Parenting is hard work. I do my best and I know most parents do their best despite the challenges that exist. At times, it may feel frustrating or as if we are fighting an uphill battle. I encourage you to stay in the trenches of parenting and refuse to give up on your children. Love them, nurture them and fight for them with continual prayer. The hearts of moms are always connected with concern but we must believe that God is greater than the giants we and our children face.

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