How I Removed Rust Stains On Laminate

Rust Stain Removal from Laminate
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Here at home, I enjoy cleaning and organizing.  I know ladies who enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking but I have a compulsion for cleaning and assigning places for everything. Anytime I come across a product or service that I personally use and give a thumbs-up, I like to pass it along to others. Some time ago, I had an issue with stains on the kitchen counter and I was not happy. If you ever experienced the frustration of rust stains on your laminate counter-top, here is a solution.

In the past, I have let pots, cans, pans, bowls and other metal items sit on the counter-top exposed to moisture. This caused rust stains to form leaving an unsightly appearance. I will admit, this occurred over extended periods-of-time. The stains were deeply set and appeared impossible to remove.

I opt for natural or organic products for cleaning but there are times when I have to turn to products with a little more chemical strength to do the trick. I tried baking soda, toothpaste, lemon juice, nail polish remover – nothing worked. Then one day, I picked up a bottle of Soft Scrub with Bleach from a local Walmart and decided to try it. It had a very smooth creamy texture similar to a paste.  I can still recall feeling amazed at how effortlessly the area came clean. It took only a few circular rubs with a damp cloth but it worked! I wiped the remaining residue with fresh water and the area looked practically new again.

Please note that it worked perfectly on a light or beige-colored Formica or laminate surface. If your surface has a darker color, I would caution to spot-check in an inconspicuous area for discoloration before use. Also, don’t use steel wool, scouring pads or powders because they will leave fine scratches on the surface.

Have you tried other proven solutions for removing rust from laminate surfaces? Share your experience with us…

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