Secret Keeper Girl: Mom & Daughters Day


My daughters and I attended the Secret Keeper Girl “The Purple Party” Tour this weekend. We had an incredible time!

As moms, we want to instill values in our daughters about beauty, modesty and purity that will carry them through a lifetime. This ministry event really provided an exciting, fun, and faith-based time to support moms in teaching young girls these values.

Secret Keeper Girl

Secret Keeper Girl Review

To begin, the auditorium was filled with excited moms and daughters anticipating an afternoon of memorable moments. The rhythmic beat of drums & worship opened the program. Highlights included a travel back in time to television shows, and music. Also, there was a flashback to mom fashion turbulence from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Bible teachings, stories, quotes, questions, the Truth or Bare Fashion test conveyed a beautiful message that moms and daughters are masterpieces created by God. We are princesses and true beauty is inward and not outward as the world suggests.  A Mission-Possible fashion show presented ways that girls can be stylish but modest with leggings, ripped-jeans, short dresses, and low-cut tops.

Secret Keeper Girl Review

The story of the Prince and Peasant was my favorite part of the program – a young Prince who fell in love with a beautiful peasant girl. He desperately wanted to be with her. So, the King allowed him to remove his robe of royalty. He put on common garments to go be with the girl and win her love. The beginning of the story was told before intermission and the end of the story was saved for the end of the program. The story of the Prince and Peasant parallels the story of how God disrobed His royalty. He came to show His love for us through His son Jesus, however, it is our choice to accept His love.

The story was explained to the girls in the audience, then, the invitation was given to come and accept Christ.  As a steady stream of young girls went forward to begin their relationship with Christ, my heart melted. The ministry of Secret Keeper Girl inspired me.

Several books, gifts and resources were available for purchase. I purchased  Just Call Me Kate and Secret Keeper:The Delicate Power of Modesty for my daughters. The entire program lasted approximately two and a half hours and was well worth the experience. We left Secret Keeper Girl feeling refreshed because the message reinforced what my daughters are taught at home. Now, I trust the Holy Spirit to seal the experience in their hearts. It was a wonderful time for girls and moms to connect but more importantly, to connect with Christ.

*Secret Keeper Girl (Tweens) and Pure Freedom (Teens) were founded by Dannah Gresh, best-selling author and speaker. The mission of Secret Keeper Girl is to create memorable moments for moms and daughters. Also, to enable them to experience Pure Freedom for a lifetime. The overall purpose is to teach girls the secrets of true beauty and modesty.


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