Worrying Signs to Look Out For

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Before we begin, let’s address the elephant in the room – no relationship is perfect. You will always have little things that worry you, but most of these are minor issues that you’re making bigger in your head. Relationships are full of ups and downs, whether you’re just starting out or have been newly married. However, there are certainly a few things that you should be concerned about. These signs indicate that things maybe aren’t right in your relationship. It’s important to notice them early on, so you can address them with your partner. 

Too much secrecy

Alright, it’s good to have some space in a relationship. I think it’s unhealthy if you’re tied to one another all the time. With that being said, too much space is obviously not a good thing – especially when it is compounded with too much secrecy. Does your partner hide things from you all the time? Do they always turn off their phone screen whenever you’re near them? If they seem like they’re too secretive, it’s an issue. What are they hiding? Confront them about this to see if they’re doing it subconsciously or not. If they’re actively being secretive, that might be a dealbreaker. 

Problems in the bedroom

Sex is part of your relationship, and every relationship is different. Some couples have a very active sex life while others are more relaxed. The issues start to arise when your partner seems either too demanding or not interested at all. When someone is too demanding in the bedroom, it impacts your relationships. They seem addicted to sex – nothing seems to satisfy them. It’s actually a genuine problem that needs looking at. Suggest seeing sex therapists with them to get to the bottom of this. If you’re not up for sex multiple times a day, it can damage your relationship as they resent you. Ultimately, this can lead to them looking to satisfy their urges elsewhere. 

Likewise, it’s a problem if the complete opposite happens and they have no sexual desires towards you at all. If they’re busy, that’s fine, but you will still have some fun now and then. However, if they never ever seem to want to do anything sexual, you may need to have a chat about it. 

An unreasonable amount of control

Honesty, any amount of control is an unreasonable amount of control, right? Your partner shouldn’t have any control over you at all. The same goes for you over them – you don’t control one another. A relationship is a road that goes both ways, each of you will give and take. You’re both individuals, but you come together to love one another. If your partner seems overly controlling and tries to put restrictions on your life, that’s an issue. Talk to them about it as sometimes they can do it without realizing what they’re doing is wrong. If they still continue to try and control you, then you’re in a toxic relationship and need to break it off. 

Hopefully, you never see these signs in your relationships. Still, it helps to be aware of them so you know what to be cautious of. 

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